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About me

About me

Freelance Photographer

Pregnancy Sessions, Newborn Photography

Children Portraiture, Couples sessions, Pre-wedding and Wedding Photography, Family Portraits

Photography started as a hobby six years ago and it grew to become my creative outlet and never-ending learning challenge. I have completed a Photography Institute course in Professional Photography in 2017 and after years and years of doing photos for my family and friends (and friends of my family and friends), I have decided to start freelancing at professional level.

I love the infinite possibilities photography offers. I love finding beauty in everything that surrounds me. I love the awareness I have developed by framing and composing all the life that surrounds me, with or without a camera in my hands.

Most of all, I love telling different stories and capturing moments, emotions and events. Photography has sharpened my focus on the present moment - the moment that  can’t be repeated, but can be captured to last.

I continue to learn with every new photo I take.

More of my work

Design, Photography & Creative Marketing Solutions

Fine art photography, print ready art work.

Every photo tells a story.

Don't miss out on telling yours.